Waiting for summer. #babe

Saturdays.. #kush

Facing your demons.. You can’t do it alone or you’ll become what you’ve feared.


Grandma’a boy

#tbt when I was that awkward lame mf that no one wanted to talk to

#southpark jammies for the comfy #wakeandbake


Snapped the sun this morning through my blinds.. Woke me up. #trippy

Peace man ✌️🚀👽😍#babe

Dem pigs in the back straight maxing at my favorite burrito place #Chicago


I’m unforgivable, a terrible being behind a baby face. I’ve learned to hurt those who’ve hurt me, and hurt those who loved me. I’m terrible, in all sense of the word. I am a nobody, and will die a nobody to this world. My tears are meaningless, my heart is tainted. Asking for forgiveness is something god has forsaken. I am not the person I told myself to be. I became what society made me. Don’t be fooled or you’d fall just like I have. No way of getting up, getting out, and living. Trapped in a hole filled with torment. Hatred. Loneliness. A reminder who I used to be. Childhood and carefree. Now are just distance glance of memories for I am trapped in the darkness I’ve created. Fallen, where no one can hear my cries. I am lone. 

Won’t forget this day. #babe

Crazy how times flies but the memories remained. I can’t say there is any other person who’s been there for me more than you have. We fell off but that just comes with age. We have different priorities and task that we must fulfill and overcome. But I know one day we’ll cross paths again, playing tekken 3 or other various things. I hope ur birthday was great, Kliercum, loudshi, broad shoulders, Arthur, vulture, klierz… Happy 20th bday to my dude better known as Jonathan.

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