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I was 10 when the photographers were at my sister’s condo and took these photos. At the time I thought it was silly, posing for pictures, treating my family as if they were celebrities… Little did I know, my grandma is a celebrity, or even better… A hero. She was featured among the likes of Steve Francis’s grandmother, Alicia Keys, and Judy Blume. My grandma growing up, would always speak in metaphors. I didn’t really understand them as a kid, but now that I’ve grown a little, I’m beginning to understand what she told me. The love that I felt with her surpassed anything with anyone I had a relationship with, even people in my own family. It felt different from a relationship with anyone else. My Sister can tell you the same. She would tell stories that would bring smiles to my face when I’m at my lowest, or even cook me the most satisfying dishes for me to eat. Anyone who had the time to spent with my grandma knew how strong, and great of a person she is. If she can smile through all the hardships she endured, easily so can I. I’ve always wanted to be like her. So caring of others regardless of what your background is. Maybe one day I’ll share her story with you guys, but til then, it’s printed here. Sorry for this long paragraph on Instagram, I hope everyone has a good Friday, and smile bright like the sun is currently. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Ma.

Happy birthday, baby ☺️

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